5 Things of Interest – Hot Summer Day Edition

Some links to help with the dog days of summer.

1. How to make popsicles without molds

When its hot, all I want is some ice cream and other cold treats but I don’t want more pesky unitaskers hanging out in the kitchen.

2. Tom Collins Recipe

My favorite adult beverage in the summer is a Tom Collins, its like lemonade with a buzz.

3. Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

Vegans need to stay cool too, right? And David Lebovitz is just the person to help them do it.

4. Lovely Linen Dress on Etsy

When it’s hot all I want to wear are light clothes. And skirts and dresses are ideal to stay cool.This dress is a beautiful and a vivid color.

5. Think Cold

If all else fails, think cold. Here is some photo inspiration for thinking cold.

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