5 Things of Interest

1. Friends, Creme Fraiche hurling and poached apricots.

This blog post not only made me smile because everyone should have a friend they could hurl creme fraiche. It also reminds me I need to go buy up some late super fruit at the farmer’s market and start some preserving so I can have lovely fruit in the dark days of Southern California winter.

2. Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes on Chow

I am not much of a drinker anymore. The occasion gin mixed drink here and there but mostly I can’t handle my booze anymore (my 21 year old self would be so disappointed). I do get sick of iced tea…okay I don’t but it is always good to have options.

3. 10 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life

I really liked this article. I think if more people tried to use the Internet like it was an extension of their real lives rather than this “other” life they would get more out of the Internet. It is a tool not an escape people. I especially like the advice of writing emails while imagining the person who will receive them.

4. Water Pitcher from DWR

I admit this water pitcher is a bit pretentious. I mean its basically a fancy version of a Brita filter is it not? And I tend to poo poo DWR because it does NOT live up to its name. Most people myself included cannot afford to spend 60 bucks on a tiny little water pitcher. Those things aside, I can’t help be drawn to the beauty of the simplicity of the design. If someone ELSE wants to buy it for me, I would accept it as a gift.

5. Vegan Flats on Etsy

These flats are so adorable. They also look exceedingly comfortable. I look at them and imagine a day padding around the apartment and then perhaps a brunch someplace small. A little reading in a coffee shop.

One thought on “5 Things of Interest

  1. Thanks so much for including my “stop apologizing” post in your round-up. I’d write more but your post has left me craving apricots & creme fraiche so I’m off to dig up a suitable substitute in our fridge!

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