Sunday Song: Nothing Happens in June – Ulrich Schnauss

My obsession with downbeat electronica continues. Or rather my love of my Zero 7 station on Pandora. It is the perfect mix of sounds at the end of the day as work is winding down but I still need to do an hour more of work. It keeps me alert and moving without distracting or grating on my nerves.

I like this song for the percussion. It reminds me of the drum track from Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief in that it sounds kind of like an electronic metronome except more erratic. Perhaps this is a symptom of being married to a drummer that I find the metronome-like sound interesting and kind of soothing.

I really like the sparseness of this composition. The problem with some electronica is it feels like everything is being thrown in whether it is needed or sounds good. “Oh look there is a dog barking sound on my synthesizer! In it goes.” This song has a lot going on but still maintains a sense of space for me. It brings to mind the wide open outside areas of the Getty Museum for some reason. As I listen, I imagine myself walking the Getty grounds and peering out into the expanse of Los Angeles that goes on and on.

User Video for Nothing Happens in June

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