Sunday Song: Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons

Back when I was doing the my “song a day” posts I really worked to find new music to talk about. This was mostly because I feel becoming set in the music you listen to is a sign of age that I really never want to adopt. I want to constantly be evolving with music so I can turn on the radio and still find something I like. Plus, its kind of depressing if the only music you like is found on the “classic rock station” regardless of how killer that music can me. (Yes, I still find a lot of the music I love on the classic rock station.) Since having to cut back on my blogging due to a pesky day job, my ability to hunt for new music has been hampered as my time to sit and listen to music is much smaller.

Lucky for Mumford & Sons this song came on the radio while I was driving to said day job or else I may have never heard it.  It happened to fit my mood that morning perfectly. I am not sure I can accurately describe my mood that day. Perhaps a combination between a little down on life after a previously hard day at work, mixed with determination to go back and try again.

The first thing, I love about this song is the guitar. It sounds like someone playing a guitar like its a banjo. Or perhaps it actually is a guitar and a banjo. In either case, it makes me think of the scene in Titanic when they dance in the cargo hold. The speed of the playing while executing what sounds to be complex playing is amazing and makes me want to get up and dance.

I love how the song sounds like an old Irish ballad and yet is obviously very modern with the lyrics being things like “I really f***ed it up this time.” It has the perfect mix of vim and vingear that  can match a bad mood, but it makes it hard to stay in it.

The lead singer’s accent is also adorable and perfect for the style. I assumed he must be Irish, but according to wikipedia they are English. I love the gritty sound to his voice. I love when voices sound real versus over processed. I understand no one wants to sound like a bad singer but auto tune makes people sound so soul less. Seriously, just stop.

Video for Little Lion Man

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