On Money Versus Time

Though I could certainly use a thousand dollars I have a hard time deciding what I would do with it if it was given to me.

Realistically, it would go into my bank account and end up going toward bills or paying for parking, or groceries.

But if forced spend it on something I wanted instead of needed, I would have a difficult time deciding.

Sure, on occasion I see something and think “oh, I would love to own that.” Usually those thoughts are fleeting and by the time I have the cash to buy said item, the luster has worn off. I usually find the things I want to most, aren’t for sale.

The main thing I want that can’t be bought is time. I want more time to spend on things I enjoy versus things I have to do like paying bills. I want more time to sit and stare at the breeze blowing through the trees. I want more time to spend with people I love and cherish. I want more time to sleep in, in the mornings, especially days I have to go to work. I can think of endless possibilities for what I would do with an extra free hour. To me an extra hour a day would be worth far more than a thousand dollars.

It seems this is something that has come with age. When I was young, I wished whole months away to get to where I wanted to be. And even on occasion now I find myself daydreaming it was another week or month or year. But I feel time more. As each hour passes, I realize there is something I have not gotten done that I meant to finish. With each minute, I am closer to another hour. Another hour that is full of possibility but may get wasted doing a dull task like paying bills or finishing the laundry.

I keep looking for some extra time for sale but never seem to find it. Sure I find lots of things that promise to save me time but never anything to give me more time and that more than anything I can buy with cash is what I want.

So, while I would not turn my nose up at an extra $1,000 dollars in my bank account, in the end it probably wouldn’t bring me as much happiness as having an extra hour to myself to do some writing would.

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