5 Things of Interest – Breakfast Edition

I truly feel that breakfast is the most underrated meal.  I enjoy a brunch on the rare day I have the leisure to lay in bed late and linger long over a plate of Eggs Benedict for too long. But most days my time in the morning is limited. I need to get many things done before my day whirls into full swing. Despite this, I almost never skip breakfast. I truly believe it is the most important meal of the day. So here are some breakfast links (not sausage but urls.)

1. Importance of Healthy Breakfast from WebMd

When I was a teenager I often skimped on breakfast. I think it was my own idiotic rebellion.

2. No-Cook Over Night Steel Cut Oats

I love steel cut oat meal. I am considering trying this out as a switch up to the hot option. Though I am not sure how I feel about the comparison to grape nuts. No offense to those that are Spartan enough to love grape nuts. I always want to like grape nuts because they seem healthy. This options seems like a good alternative.

3. Oatmeal Pancakes at Smitten Kitchen

Oatmeal is good. Pancakes are good. How can a combination of the two not be a perfect breakfast marriage? I will definitely be giving this recipe a try. God bless, the blogger that is smitten kitchen because her recipes almost always grab me.

4. Simply Breakfast

This is a whole website of lovely photographs of breakfasts. Many of the breakfasts are my ideal too, very simple but look mouth watering. If you go to this blog, you will never want to skip breakfast again.

5. Breakfast Pizza at Smitten Kitchen

I have a perfect pizza dough that I found over at 101 Cookbooks. Why not combine it with my love of breakfast. I also love sunny side up eggs. I refer to them as “dip eggs,” a term from my youth, because you dip your toast in the egg yolk. This looks so good, I plan on making it very soon.

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