Sunday Song: Loud Pipes – Ratatat

My Zero 7 Pandora strikes again. I am not sure if this is really downbeat though, it seems a little more aggressive than the usual downbeat electronica. At the same time, I don’t think the raver kids would find it to have enough punch.

According to Wikipedia, Ratatat consists of two dudes playing guitar and synthesizer/ bass guitar respectively. I am loving what I think are the bass sounds over the synthesizer and guitar. It makes the sound huge, almost like a huge church organ was hooked into some sort of electronic filter. The pipe organ type sound is perhaps the inspiration for the title.

The song has an emotional impact for me despite the lack of lyrics. I am not sure if it is the bass, or the hardcore pipe organ sound feels like it triggers my confidence center. I listen to this song and feel like the problems of the day can be overcome, or at least they aren’t as big as I think.

User Video for Loud Pipes

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