5 Things of Interest – The Totally Random Edition

1. Ask Meta Filter teaches me about hypnagogia and Salvador Dali.

I found this link via notmartha and found it fascinating. Hypnagogia is that threshold time when you aren’t asleep and you aren’t awake. I know I experience this a lot when I am meditating. Visualizations seem clearer and ideas seem to flow and I can usually actually remember them if I don’t go to sleep. Apparently, Salvador Dali also tapped into this state of mind. Not surprising considering his art work.

2. What the F*** Should I Make For Dinner?

I can’t recall how I came across this site, one of the billion food blogs I follow.I find it hilarious. Plus some of the “suggestions” sound quite tasty. This also has  vegetarian options.

3. Art Deco Brass Cuff on Etsy

Art Deco…everything is beautiful. This art deco cuff bracelet is so gorgeous and its only 20 bucks. Granted, I wouldn’t throw 20 bucks away in the trash but for this cuff I would spend it. Sadly, though many of my parts are not tiny, my wrists are wimpy and bracelets just slide right off.  A cuff just wouldn’t work for my sissy wrists. Someone OUGHT to buy this though.

4. Confit of Pork Belly

This is something that is so not included in your diet plan. Unless your diet program seeks to help you gain a lot of weight fast, in which case, please tell me if this is as delicious as it looks in the picture.

5. What to do with Orange Blossom Water on Chowhound

I typically shop with a list or at least a plan in mind. However, I am want to purchase things that look interesting (or are on sale). Recently, I purchased orange blossom water and then came home and wondered what to do with it. Got some great ideas from chowhound.

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