Sunday Song: Rocks and Water – Deb Talan

For me music should invoke an emotion, the stronger the better. If a song makes me cry or makes my heart beat faster, I know its worth holding on to. This song stirs an emotion I don’t often feel with music: defiance and strength.

This is an anthem to carry on despite whoever is trying to hold you down. At least that is how I see it. The opening lyrics set the feeling:

Seven times I went down
six times I walked back.
And I don’t fear the dark anymore
’cause I’ve become all that.

I read this as “keep doing what your doing until you can’t do it anymore.”

The sound of the song holds up the lyrics. The guitar is clear and creates the rhythm that is steady and robust.  The percussion comes in and is a simple single hit that is opposite of the guitar rhythm. It creates a powerful sound under the singing.

Lastly, Deb Talan’s voice is amazing. It sounds so wise in this song and she is able to stretch it to sound large and loud and yet convey some of the other emotions that go with being defiant and strong, which are being tired and weary. Her voice is beautiful in all it conveys.

User Video of Rocks and Water

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