5 Things of Interest – Taste of Fall Edition

I love Fall and its hard for me to imagine why anyone wouldn’t love it too. The weather is crisp, the fashion is beautiful and cozy, and the flavors are the best of the season. I am sure I am going to have to have more 5 things of interest with a fall items but here is the first the whet your appetite for Autumn.

1. Reed’s Spiced Apple Brew

I just discovered this delicious (non-alcoholic) beverage and intend to imbibe more of it through out October and November. It tastes like someone made a homemade apple crisp into a soda. It has a great bite of ginger to it too. Perfect for a warm Southern California Fall day when hot apple cider (which I also love) won’t do.

2. Autumn Leaves Wallpaper by Smashing Magazine

Found this via ljcfyi.com. This image is a wonderful representation of Fall. The seasons is full of color even as the days grow gray around it.

3. Chunky Cable Knit Scarf on Etsy

Oh scarf weather, how I love thee. This one is a lovely fall green that reminds me of the leaves just before they change. And cable knit really speaks to fall too.

4. Pumpkin Muffins at Smitten Kitchen

During the autumn, I can’t bear to pass up anything that has pumpkin in it. Muffins are a particular favorite in the fall, especially since the weather is a little cooler to allow for the baking myself.

5. Mixed Grass Wreath at Crate & Barrel

I don’t mean to be a holiday grinch but I am not typically a fan of too much holiday specific decorations. Though there are some wonderful holiday decorations out there, many tend toward the cheesey. And I don’t want to live through a holiday season with tons of cheese (mmm cheese). This wreath is the perfect fall season wreath that will work from Halloween until Thanksgiving (and on if you are too lazy to change out for a winter theme.)

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