5 Things of Interest

1. Dynamic Stretching via NPR

I am not a runner. Repeat, I am NOT a runner. As I often tell people, I only run if being chased by someone with a weapon. However, I do walk briskly and do the elliptical at the gym. I like to stretch afterward to ease out of the work out and to ensure nothing tightens up. I did the ye ol’ static stretching which I likely learned in middle school gym class. Between then and now, this thing called dynamic stretching apparently came out and I only learned about it because NPR did a story about it. Though it may be effective, it also looks like I am going to be getting some strange looks when I try these stretches at the gym.

2. People Who Love Their Jobs

I know that every job has its downside. I assume even the ice cream taster at Ben & Jerry’s has days when he or she says “Enough! Not another bite of ice cream!” But I get fatigued with what seems to be constant refrain from the world “Jobs suck.” It’s fine if individually people don’t like their jobs but it would be nice if more people voiced what they like about their jobs. This article is an encouraging sign that there are jobs to love out there.

3. It Gets Better Project

This has been floating around the Internet this week but I heard about it on my super secret source of information…NPR. Though its geared toward gay and lesbian teens, I think “it gets better” is a great message for almost all teenagers. I often think if I could ever speak to my past self, I would tell myself its not always going to be easy but life gets better after high school.

4. Goldfish Garbage Bags

These are not garbage bags to dispose of your many failed attempts to keep a fish as a pet. They are actual garbage bags printed to look like a bag of goldfish fresh from the pet store. As an apartment dweller these are a bit unrealistic for me. But if I lived in a house, I might consider, if only to stack out the curb on garbage day and see the look on the garbage collectors fact.

5. Vegan Baking

I am not vegan but I have vegan friends and sometimes I am lazy. No, vegans are not lazy, but I as a “eat anything” sometimes am too lazy to run to the store to get eggs or milk but I still want to make something that typically requires eggs and/or milk. This is where the vegan baking is useful. No eggs? No problem just use flax seeds or bananas.

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