Thanksgiving Song: Marfa Lights 2 – DEUTER

On Thanksgiving, other than being busy cooking or cleaning, I believe you should be relaxing and remembering what is important to you. To me this song is ideal with taking a moment of introspection.

This song reminds me of the full album Thursday Afternoon by Brian Eno, which is 61 minutes long so a little more introspection than I want on a lazy holiday. Marfa Lights 2 has a more authentic and less electronic sound than Thursday Afternoon. Instead of notes that sound keyed by a synthesizer, they sound like they are cautiously hammered on a piano. And the space between the key notes gives you time to think and feel a sense of space in the music.

Take three minutes and listen to the song with your eyes closed and think of all the wonderful things you have to be thankful for.

User Video for Marfa Lights 2

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