Sick Day Song: Dancing on My Own – Robyn

I don’t tend to like clubs because I can’t dance, in part because I’m rhythm deaf. Oh the irony that I am married to a drummer, I know. Despite not wanting to inflict my attempts at dancing on the public, doesn’t mean I don’t like a good dance song. But I don’t care for the current standards like Lady Gaga. I think a lot of dance songs tend to lack any soul. A song can be upbeat and have some emotion behind it.

I love this song it has an electronic sound while still letting the true sound of Robyn’s voice come through. The sound is so rich and dark. I can close my eyes and almost will myself to believe I am in a club with only the flicker of lights around me. Robyn’s voice has such variety, she can go from a lower female pitch to a sweet high sound. You can feel the emotion of rejection and defiance all at once. This sound definitely makes me want to get up and dance, which is nice after being sick and only wanting to crawl under the covers.

Official Video for Dancing on My Own

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