Sunday Song: Coming Home – Diddy-Dirty Money feating Skylar Grey

Typically, I am not a fan of mainstream, super produced rap music. I do not condone the wide spread use of auto tune. However, this song seems perfect for starting a new year.

Skylar Grey’s intro with just single piano notes and her beautiful voice that leads into the building of the song, adding in more sound and Diddy’s rapping. The sound really matches the emotion of rebirth and returning with determination. The feeling of the song is infectious, its hard not to listen to it and not pick up the resolution to be better that is in the lyrics and the sound.

There are a lot of good lyrics in this song. And Skylar Grey’s voice and Diddy’s created a great balance, one soft and melodic, one rough and deep.

Listen to this song if you need something to get you going on your New Year’s resolutions.

Official video

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