Sunday Song: Tighten Up – Black Keys

Exposure to a new song can happen almost subconsciously. For me, this song was used in some promos of the show House apparently and I didn’t even register it at the time. I vaguely recall now hearing it there but only after searching for a different Black Keys song, did I stumble on this and thought “I know this song…why?” These are the situations were Wikipedia is invaluable to my sanity.

The Black Keys known for their Blues-y sound. I like this song versus some of their others because it sounds more modern and less like a total rip off of old school Blues. I prefer when artists continue to innovate instead of sticking with “good enough.”

This song has a bass sound that is almost soothing to my ear. It is a short, medium burst that borders on synth sound. The vocals are grainy and yet don’t sound like the singer gargled with gravel. Sometimes that’s appealing but today I am enjoying the bright sound of these vocals while still capturing the Blues vibe. The pace of the song is good too, sometimes Blues can drag a bit for me. This folds in rock nicely with the guitar and crashy drum sounds.

Official Video for Tighten Up

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