5 Things of Interest

1) Baked French Toast with Banana & Chocolate: As Mr. Read said when I showed him the recipe, “What is there not to like?”

2) Roasted Chicken with Dijon Sauce: This looks like it would be mighty tasty for say watching some big football game that people seem to make a big fuss over but really I just want to eat treats and see funny commercials.

3) Savory Oatmeal: I am still not sure how I feel about this. The dish looks yummy but I worry I can’t get over my preconceived notions of oatmeal as a sweet thing.

4) Dulce de Leche Creme Caramel: You had me at Dulce de Leche. Pretty much when I see Dulce de Leche attached to anything, I want to put it in my mouth. I have no idea why, but it tastes sooooo good.

5) Brown Butter Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies: I can hang with just plain chocolate chip cookies, but why stop there when there are such decadent options such as this?

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