Sunday Song: Animal – Neon Trees

I am not a music snob per se, but I do pride myself on not being a fan of top 40 nonsense for the most part. I like to think I outgrew pop music. But in the end some songs creep in and whether I want to admit it or not, they are so darn catchy I can’t help but sing along.

This song would totally fall into the guilty pleasure category of music. I really wrestled with whether I should post about this song because I could just keep it my little secret that every time this song comes on the radio in my car, I can’t help but turn it up and sing along. But then I am just lying to myself.

One of the local L.A. radio stations have been playing the heck out of this song. And this song…is so catchy. It is an ear worm. Even if I haven’t heard it on a particular day, I will find it popping in my head and humming some of it.

Here are the reasons I think is song is so addictive:

1. It starts out slow but with a fast back percussion sound. The jazzy back beat drags you kicking and screaming into listening to this song.

2. You can clearly understand all the lyrics on first listen. This is not true with a lot of songs, at least for me. I often have to go look up lyrics to songs I enjoy because I am not truly clear what the song is about. Since you can clearly understand the lyrics, you can sing along pretty quickly.

3. It has an upbeat and catchy hook. Darn the hook, it really works. This has a cute little hook that starts out with a wailing “oh oh…” Come on, I am helpless to not chime in!

These three things plus the general bouncy, jubilant nature of the song makes me like it despite not wanting to at all because it will ruin my street cred. To make matters worse, the band and video are super cheese. What is with the lead singers hair?! My hating will not stop me from singing along the next time it comes on the radio.

Official Video for Animal – You’ve been warned, this song is a grade A ear worm.

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