5 Things of Interest

1. Umami Paste : Everyone loves the savory umami, so why not buy some concentrated umami and make something super umami. Makes my mouth water just to consider its uses.

2. Garlands by ThisNeckoftheWoods: I have started seeing garlands pop up more in decorating. I purchased a paper garland to take the place of Christmas decorations when our fireplace looked too “empty.” They really cheer up a space in my opinion.

3. Avocado Tacos from Your Vegan Mom: I saw this forever ago and I constantly think of it because I love avocados! I eat them all he time by themselves or just on a piece of toast. I admit I haven’t made this because I am a bit lazy and battering things is always far messier than I would like it to be. If only I actually had a vegan mom to make this for me.

4. Toffee Bunny by Vosges Chocolate: Normally the chocolate bunnies offered up for Easter taste more like wax flavored with chocolate. Nothing more than a bite is even merited. But Vosges knows chocolate so I can only imagine how yummy these taste. Plus they are so cute!

5. Son of a Gun in Los Angeles: I discovered this via yelp.com and am obsessed with trying it out. I may even go tonight if fate smiles upon me. The lobster roll calls to me!

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