Sunday Song: Rolling in the Deep – Adele

Its been a while since any new music has really captured me. I often listen to the radio in the car, but as of late I am consistently disappointed with the offerings and/or here things I have heard a million times before.

Thankfully, Adele has broken the monotony of radio listening. This is a song I can get into and actually have a reason to crank the radio up.

First, this woman’s voice is amazing. Her ability to be so soulful allows her to convey such depth (no pun intended) in this song. I get a little caught up in the sadness of the song even though its been quite long time (thankfully) since I got my heart broken.

Second, I love out the soul sound of the singing is mixed with a more modern sound of underneath. It allows this song to pop out and not just sound like a retread of an oldie.

Its a powerful song that really holds you in its grip. I can’t possibly change the radio dial when this is on.

Rolling in the Deep – Official Video

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