5 Things of Interest

1. Frozen Lemonade via The Kitchn: There is nothing more quenching or cooling on a hot day at a festival or fair than frozen lemonade. Now as the hot days of July are upon us, make it at home and avoid getting all hot and bothered for the treat.

2. Biko (Filipino Sweet Sticky Rice) at The Ivory Hut: I have never made this or ate this, but if it is half as good as it looks in pictures, I would like 2 helpings please. I love coconut…anything so I am pretty certain this would be tasty to me.

3. The Vegan Stoner: This is a cool blog a stumbled upon (using stumbleupon.com) I am not vegan but I enjoy all kinds of foods. The recipes seem simple and I love the drawings that accompany them.

4. How to Set up a Minimalist Kitchen at Stone Soup: I like to try and keep my kitchen pared down but attempting to avoid unitaskers. She really cuts to the bone (while admitting she has some of the unitaskers herself). I don’t know if I could part with my knife set! Still an interesting take on keeping your kitchen lean.

5. Freezer Meals on the Cheap at A Turtle’s Life: I love cooking and I love a good home cooked meal but with a full time job, the time to do something really good isn’t always there. I like the idea of saving money and having a bunch of meals made ahead.

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