5 Things of Interest

1. Spicy Grits with Chrizo: I am always looking for new recipes for the week days. Just because I work full time does not mean I don’t want to eat good home cooked meals. This one is very easy. The only odd thing about this recipe is the amount of leeks. I only put 2 in and it still seemed like a lot but still tasted good.

2.Pok Pok Som – Drinking Vinegar: I have a sour tooth and I discovered this via one of the blogs I read. They suggest adding some to sparkling water, which sounds so refreshing!

3.Balcony Grill: I love apartment dwelling except I wish we could have a grill. I love grilled burgers in the summer. This seems like the perfect compromise for the space.

4. How to Land Your Kid in Therapy: An interesting article in The Atlantic about doing too much for your kids. In essence how the helicopter parent trend is landing a lot of 20 somethings in therapy because they aren’t used to doing anything themselves.

5. Black Tea Blackberry Sorbet: My poor ice cream maker has been so neglected this summer. I continue to collect recipes hoping something will spark my interest enough to actually make it. This is one of those recipes.


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