5 Things of Interest

1. Peanut Butter Brownies by Smitten Kitchen – Its starting to be baking weather again i.e. cool enough that I don’t pass out from heat stroke when I bake. So I started looking for yummy things to make. I love peanut butter with chocolate SO much.

2. Banana Split Bites – These are pure genius! I adore a good banana split but how can you serve them up to many people. I definitely want to try this for a party.

3. 5 Things you Wouldn’t Think to do in L.A. – When people come to visit, I am always trying to find some fun things to do aside from the standard tourist attractions. These are definitely not standard.

4. Eat 24 Hours.com – This is a site for ordering food for delivery. The site has numerous restaurants on it and has search options for your area and for kind of food. As a new parent who barely gets out of the house to go to the grocery, this is great when I don’t want to cook. Plus, it allows you to use your credit card so you don’t have to worry whether you have cash on hand.

5. 60 Ways to Simplify Your Life – Who doesn’t want a more simple life? These are actually easy steps toward simple.

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