5 Things of Interest

Note: Gonna try a new format for my 5 things of interest. It will be 5 categories – Eat, Want, Think, Look, Laugh

1. Eat: Egg White Muffins – I’ve been trying to eat better and I am always looking for something tasty to have for my breakfast at the office (because I go to work very early). This looks like a win-win.

2. Want: Blue Nursing Necklace – My son wants to put everything in his mouth. EVERYTHING. This has meant that I haven’t worn a necklace on my days off from work in almost a year for fear of it getting broken etc. This nursing necklace is adorable and would be perfect for my little teething monster.

3. Think: Pin Up: How Pinterest Hooks the Aspirational Housewife… – Don’t get me wrong, I have a Pinterest account too but I have always kind of been bored with it. And after this article, it makes me a little depressed.

4. Look: Attributes – Emilie Griottes – A cool image of little chachkis put together in a color coordinated way. This image is so fun and cute.

5. Laugh: Hipster or Homeless, a Pop Quiz – 2 Broke Girls ended up being a better little show then I expected with little gems like this one.


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