5 Things of Interest

1. Eat: Homemade Tortilla – I made these the past 2 weeks. They are so good, I fear I have ruined myself from ever buying tortillas again. Thankfully they are pretty easy.

2. Want: Fail Better Print – For a type A such as myself, this print would be a good reminder that failing is what happens before you succeed.

3. Think:174,203 Things to Do Instead of Watch TV – For me this should be instead of waste time on Facebook but either way…I am trying to reduce my screen time and do more…other stuff.

4. Look: Drill Holes Through Studio Wall by James Nizam– I found this via Anthology Magazine and its just beautiful. It makes me think of a birth of a solar system or something.

5. Laugh: Innocent Baby Meme – What can I say? As a parent this pretty much sums up a lot of what happens to me these days…

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