5 Things of Interest

1. Eat: Slow Cooker Brisket Tacos– a delicious looking Clean Eating recipe that we’re planning to try this week. Though a lot of people get out the slow cooker in the winter, its perfect for the hot end of summer days because it doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen.

2.Want:simplehuman Steel Dish Rack – I love the simplehuman brand. We have 2 of their trashcans and a shower caddy. Their design is very clean and efficient without looking clinical. 69 bucks is a bit rich for a dish rack but I am tempted because our dish rack seems to gunk up the counter more than allow the dishes to get dry.

3.Think: This Is Not My Beautiful House – We have a representative form of government here in the US but how representative is the government of the people they govern?

4.Look:Wave in Hawaii – Apparently everyone EXCEPT ME is in Hawaii right now according to everyone’s blog posts and Facebook status updates. To cheer myself up I did a search for “Beach Hawaii” on Flickr and found this amazing shot of a wave by Jon Cornforth.

5.Laugh: LQL – When you are tired of just plain LOL

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