5 Things of Interest

Eat: How to Cold Brew Coffee – The heat wave has broken here at the homestead but during the depths of heat I purchased a bottle of cold brew coffee concentrate because I have a 1 year old child so I require large amounts of caffeine regardless of how hot it is. The store bought cold crew coffee was decent but I am always interested in “how could I make this myself?”

Want: Slipper Chair – We rearranged our bedroom and I keep imagining finding the perfect chair to fill one corner. For better or worse, I have expensive tastes and so sometimes I have to wait a while for something I like to come along at the right price. This is a beautiful slipper chair that I am pretty sure is way beyond my price point, but a girl can dream.

Think:Polygamists See Themselves in Romney – Regardless of your party affliation, this is an interesting read about polygamy in our country. Personally, having multiple spouses poses all kinds of logistically issues, I don’t even want to consider.

Look: Lovely Succulents – Even though I have been ignoring my poor Jade plants on my balcony for the past few months, I love succulents and think they are so beautiful to look at. This is a great planter of succulents.

Laugh: Hello Stranger On the Street, Could You Please Tell Me How to Take Care of My Baby? – The woman who wrote this short piece is my hero. If you have ever been a parent of a young child, you have experienced some random person trying to give you unsolicited advice on caring for your kid. And you have likely felt like I feel about this which is “Who are you and why are you telling me what to do with my own child?” This piece is what I wish I had said to those people…

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