5 Things of Interest

Eat: Parmesan Celery Salad – It has been HOT. When it is hot, I don’t want to cook or bake. I barely want to walk in our kitchen which seems to be hotter than the rest of the apartment regardless of the lack of cooking and baking. I end up eating a lot of salads in the heat and this one sounds particularly refreshing and filling since it includes beans.

Want: Copenhagen Carafe from Curiosity Shoppe – I adore simple elegant design. This carafe is amazing in how unadorned and yet beautiful it is. Wouldn’t be a bad splurge either at 36 bucks. Too bad my home is already overflowing with glassware.

Think: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – An excellent article on finding clarity in life through the pursuit of less. This means instead of always looking for the next step UP, looking for the next step that leads to happiness.

Look: Les Coquelicots a Agenteuil by Monet – I remember a over 20 years ago now, peering over the wall into Monet’s garden (we were going to take a tour but the line in was impossibly long). Being so young, I half expected everything in his garden to appear as it does in his paintings, smudged and out of focus. It amazes me how he could use blotches to make such amazing scenes. This picture reminds me the last gasps of summer, print flowers hanging on, as the weather turns cooler.

Laugh: 23 Easy Ways to Instantly Make Your Day Better – Yes, is cheesy but some of the pictures are hilarious. It will cheer you up a little after a bad day, I promise. I particularly like the overflowing bubble bath.

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