Meals-Made-at-Home Challenge #2 – This Time It’s Clean

Over 2 years ago I challenged myself (and anyone who wanted to join me) to not eat out for an entire month.

I just returned for a week long work trip where I could do nothing but eat out. It was awful. I never seemed to be eating at normal times and I had a hard time choosing things that were healthy. One day my meals were: a latte; a lunchables; a burger and fries at 9pm. It was a sad week for eating.

Due to the horror that was my travel eating, I can’t even wait until a new month. I’m starting a new challenge to not eat out for a whole month right now!

In addition, I am going to try to eat clean whenever possible (though putting cooking myself as a bigger priority over clean). This means trying to eat more whole foods (not to be mistaken for food from Whole Foods).

I couldn’t even bear to eat out tonight even though we arrived home at 4:30p. I looked through our freezer and cupboards and cobbled together a decent meal in order to avoid any more take out/eat out. It may not have been as clean as I would have liked but at least I made it myself. Dinner was home ground beef burgers, mixed vegetables, and cauliflower fries (bagged from the freezer).

Let the challenge begin!

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