Meals-Made-at-Home Challenge #2 – Update

Being a working mom and trying to eating only stuff I make is not as easy as it sounds (like it really sounds easy to anyone). I would give myself a low C thus far.

The main culprit? Coffee. Gosh, I love coffee. And if you ever have a 1 year old and work full time, you will love coffee too. I tried to circumvent this issue last week by making cold brew coffee to keep in the fridge. My thought was I would pour myself some on the way out the door and therefore resist the pull of the barista in the lobby of my office building. Wrong. Because though cold brew coffee is good, it is not fresh made espresso. Now, I have an espresso maker at home BUT guys that is a lot of work in the morning [insert whining here].

There have been a handful of meals too that we also bought because…working mom over here.

The clean eating has been hard too. We did try dried beans for black bean tacos versus canned. Though it was a little more work, it was nice to simmer the beans for longer. I added garlic, onion and pepper to simmer with the beans which gave them a nice little kick.

We’ll see how the rest of the month goes.

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