Sick Day Song – Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men

I have been listening to this song whenever possible and when it comes on the radio, I turn it all the way up.

Somehow I feel the instrumental aspect of this song in my chest, especially the horns and drum at the beginning.  It catches me off guard every time it comes on suddenly on the radio.

I love the two singers in this song. It seems to be a rarity anymore that a song has both a male and female singer and the contrasting and complementing of their voices really plays up the emotion of the song. Sure, two women or men could sing this song but it seems more powerful the way it is.

I have never made a secret of my love of songs that change their speed. This is yet another that slows down and goes very quiet only to pick up both in speed and sound. To me the quieter moments enhance the loud parts. It makes me feel surrounded by the sound when it gets loud.

I often find myself making up stories to go with the lyrics of songs. And these lyrics are particularly ripe for story.

Listen and turn it up loud!

Video for Little Talks



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