5 Things of Interest

Eat: Clean Eating Version of Nutella – Once I asked my mother if she liked other nut butters because she hates peanut butter and she said “I like Nutella.” Technically Nutella is hazelnut spread,true. But not exactly the same as other nut butters. Maybe I should try making this clean eating version for my mom.

Want: Stacked Layers V-Neck from Anthropolgie – If I have a million dollars, half would like go to buying beautiful clothes and things at Anthropolgie. This shirt is so fun and I could imagine wearing it with jeans or a cute skirt. I love clothes that can be dressed up or down.

Think: Exhaustion is not a status symbol – An excellent article on work/life balance and overcoming the idea that the most exhausted wins.

Look: Spines – Wind Sculpture – When I was in Japan 4 years ago, we saw wind sculptures and I thought they were so neat. This one is particular may make your eyes cross a little bit trying to figure it out.

Laugh: Baby Dancing to Beyonce – Once I had a kid, kids doing silly things became a lot funnier. I think even people without kids will get a kick out of this one though.

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