Sunday Song – Take A Walk – Passion Pit

For a few months I had been head down in work and I wasn’t hearing much new music unless you qualify songs on cartoons my son watches. I had started to think I was moving into that stage in life where all “new music” sounds like noise and I would be saying things like “they just don’t make music like they used to.” I admit, I have said that actually. But recently, I have been craving new music. Take a Walk is one of the new songs that I am always hoping to catch on the radio. I know I am a little late to the Passion Pit love in. A year or so ago, friends were raving about Passion Pit and I just never felt compelled to take a listen. Sometimes I just have to discover things for myself, I’m stubborn like that.

This song caught my attention because of the chorus. When I am really upset or frazzled, taking a walk has been my go to head clearer. I can’t always do it but when I can, I find taking a walk can really help with working out an a tough issue.

The cadence of the song is very powerful. It has a determined sound that reminds me of marching. I think it is the bass drum that thumps in the back of the song that adds. Its almost subconscious but it definitely drives the song forward.

The concept behind the song is very interesting. According to the lead singer, its a patch work of stories of the men in his family. I can see how most people would see it as a political song especially with its references to drained bank accounts and socialists. Either, way you look at it the lyrics are very well laid out forming a story.

Video for Take a Walk [Official]


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