5 Things of Interest – Holiday Gift Guide Edition

Verve Coffee Subscription: If you have a coffee lover (or coffee snob)on your holiday list, consider a subscription. I personally love their Street Level Espresso but if you aren’t sure of your coffee lover tastes maybe something like the Roaster’s Choice.

Bamboo Keyboard: For the techie in your life, perhaps an extravagant keyboard and mouse made of bamboo. Its a little pricey but imagine how

Flavor Infuser Water Bottle: We all have that person on our list that we are clueless about. Every human drinks water, so what about a flavor infusing water bottle? Seems kind of fancy and fits every humans’ needs. (If you have any non-humans to shop for, sorry)

SpaFinder Gift Card: You know your friend loves the treat of a good massage or facial but have no idea where they like going, get them a spafinder gift card. They can pick where they want to go and what kind of service they want.

King Aurthur Flour Pizza Ingredient Gift: Everyone loves pizza! Okay, maybe not but a great deal many people love pizza. Give the cook or pizza lover in your life the cream of the crop in baking goods with this set. And maybe they will invite you over to sample the outcome as a thank you.



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