5 Things of Interest

Eat: Italian Rice Balls – I have been craving all matter of Italian food the past few days (no I am NOT pregnant!) I have always been more partial to Italian but man these sound good and totally not healthy.

Want: Show Stopper Candle – sometimes its the simplest things that can amuse me. This candle plays music spins around. I really want to get it for someone’s birthday because I think most people would be delighted with this on their cake rather than a ton of candles.

Think: Why does my kid freak out? -A good read for anyone really even if you don’t have kids, you probably know someone who does and/or encounter children in your daily life.

Look: People are so fascinating. When I was in undergrad, I loved sitting in the student center that over looked a main street on campus and watching people walk by. These photos capture that. Progressive Collages by Katrin Korfman via Oh Joy!

Laugh: 20 Hilarious Pinterest Fails – I don’t mean to hate on Pinterest. I pin on occasion but let’s face it like most ideas for home and hearth, they can be harder to recreated than the initial instructions look.

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