5 Things of Interest – Fall Edition

How novel, I know, I love Fall. When I moved off to the West Coast from my homeland (the Midwest) many people asked if I would miss the change of seasons. First, LA does have seasons they are just subtle. Second, I don’t miss most of the seasons from the Midwest. I do miss Fall in the Midwest, it’s the only thing it does better than the West Coast. Here are five things to help you celebrate Fall.

1) Forneris Farms – Harvest Festival: If you do live in Los Angeles County this will simulate Fall for you. You must do the corn maze.

2) Vintage Halloween Pillows: I love this sort of Halloween decoration that doesn’t look super cheap and isn’t super creepy. Halloween can be beautiful and fun.

Skull Pillow

3) Pumpkin Necklace: Get in the spirit of the season with some classy, yet festive jewelry.

Pumpkin Necklace


4) Felted Acorns: I am going to be honest and say I have no idea what I would do with these. Put them in a bowl perhaps (which my kid would likely empty out and hide these) but they are so dang cute, I want them nonetheless to remind me of my Midwest roots.

felts acorns


5) Threshold Set of 3 Decorative Fall Items: Target does not as easily allow you to “borrow” photos as easy so I can’t show you these. But they are hold pumpkins and the like. Both appropriate for Halloween time AND once we get into Thanksgiving time.

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