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5 Things of Interest

Eat: Clean Eating Version of Nutella – Once I asked my mother if she liked other nut butters because she hates peanut butter and she said “I like Nutella.” Technically Nutella is hazelnut spread,true. But not exactly the same as other nut butters. Maybe I should try making this clean eating version for my mom.

Want: Stacked Layers V-Neck from Anthropolgie – If I have a million dollars, half would like go to buying beautiful clothes and things at Anthropolgie. This shirt is so fun and I could imagine wearing it with jeans or a cute skirt. I love clothes that can be dressed up or down.

Think: Exhaustion is not a status symbol – An excellent article on work/life balance and overcoming the idea that the most exhausted wins.

Look: Spines – Wind Sculpture – When I was in Japan 4 years ago, we saw wind sculptures and I thought they were so neat. This one is particular may make your eyes cross a little bit trying to figure it out.

Laugh: Baby Dancing to Beyonce – Once I had a kid, kids doing silly things became a lot funnier. I think even people without kids will get a kick out of this one though.

5 Things of Interest

Eat: Compost Cookies – My co-workers have the best snacks in their desks, as evidenced by the fact that when I asked if one of them if they had any cookies she pulled out a Compost Cookie from Milk Bar. Definitely need to try and make these myself.

Want: Infinity Scarf on Etsy – It just won’t cool down in LA right now. I blame global warming. And it is making me looking longingly at scarves both already in my closet and at the store, wishing for the appropriate weather to wear them.

Think: Actually, Literally, What Your Crutch Word Says About You

Look: Love Locks – are a custom by which padlocks are affixed to a fence, gate, bridge or similar public fixture by sweet hearts at an increasing number of locations in the world to symbolize their everlasting love.

Laugh: Baby Mesmerized by Gangnam Style – I know its everywhere and perhaps overdone but this is adorable

5 Things of Interest

Eat: How to Cold Brew Coffee – The heat wave has broken here at the homestead but during the depths of heat I purchased a bottle of cold brew coffee concentrate because I have a 1 year old child so I require large amounts of caffeine regardless of how hot it is. The store bought cold crew coffee was decent but I am always interested in “how could I make this myself?”

Want: Slipper Chair – We rearranged our bedroom and I keep imagining finding the perfect chair to fill one corner. For better or worse, I have expensive tastes and so sometimes I have to wait a while for something I like to come along at the right price. This is a beautiful slipper chair that I am pretty sure is way beyond my price point, but a girl can dream.

Think:Polygamists See Themselves in Romney – Regardless of your party affliation, this is an interesting read about polygamy in our country. Personally, having multiple spouses poses all kinds of logistically issues, I don’t even want to consider.

Look: Lovely Succulents – Even though I have been ignoring my poor Jade plants on my balcony for the past few months, I love succulents and think they are so beautiful to look at. This is a great planter of succulents.

Laugh: Hello Stranger On the Street, Could You Please Tell Me How to Take Care of My Baby? – The woman who wrote this short piece is my hero. If you have ever been a parent of a young child, you have experienced some random person trying to give you unsolicited advice on caring for your kid. And you have likely felt like I feel about this which is “Who are you and why are you telling me what to do with my own child?” This piece is what I wish I had said to those people…

5 Things of Interest

1. Eat: Slow Cooker Brisket Tacos– a delicious looking Clean Eating recipe that we’re planning to try this week. Though a lot of people get out the slow cooker in the winter, its perfect for the hot end of summer days because it doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen.

2.Want:simplehuman Steel Dish Rack – I love the simplehuman brand. We have 2 of their trashcans and a shower caddy. Their design is very clean and efficient without looking clinical. 69 bucks is a bit rich for a dish rack but I am tempted because our dish rack seems to gunk up the counter more than allow the dishes to get dry.

3.Think: This Is Not My Beautiful House – We have a representative form of government here in the US but how representative is the government of the people they govern?

4.Look:Wave in Hawaii – Apparently everyone EXCEPT ME is in Hawaii right now according to everyone’s blog posts and Facebook status updates. To cheer myself up I did a search for “Beach Hawaii” on Flickr and found this amazing shot of a wave by Jon Cornforth.

5.Laugh: LQL – When you are tired of just plain LOL

5 Things of Interest

1. Forbidden Fruit

A story from the Chicago Tribune about how schools have gardens as a learning exercise but due to particular regulations, the kids can’t consumer the food they grow. It’s pretty ridiculous, in my opinion.

2. Slow Cooker Apple Cider

I am always interested in new ways to use a slow cooker. I love the slow cooker for its obvious purpose of cooking tough meat into submission over a long period of time. But recipes like this show that a slow cooker isn’t a lame unitasker.

3.Food News Journal

Discovered this site via an ad on Apartment Therapy. Its an aggregator for food related news. And as far as I can tell, it somehow finds the most fascinating articles. I found the article on forbidden fruit here.

4. Tapestry Tights

Lately, I am taken with the idea of getting some knee high boots and cute skirts and lots and lots of cute tights. So far, I have only been successful at finding tights I like…its a start.

5. Simon’s Cat

Its a silly and adorable cartoon about…Simon’s cat.

5 Things of Interest – Taste of Fall Edition

I love Fall and its hard for me to imagine why anyone wouldn’t love it too. The weather is crisp, the fashion is beautiful and cozy, and the flavors are the best of the season. I am sure I am going to have to have more 5 things of interest with a fall items but here is the first the whet your appetite for Autumn.

1. Reed’s Spiced Apple Brew

I just discovered this delicious (non-alcoholic) beverage and intend to imbibe more of it through out October and November. It tastes like someone made a homemade apple crisp into a soda. It has a great bite of ginger to it too. Perfect for a warm Southern California Fall day when hot apple cider (which I also love) won’t do.

2. Autumn Leaves Wallpaper by Smashing Magazine

Found this via This image is a wonderful representation of Fall. The seasons is full of color even as the days grow gray around it.

3. Chunky Cable Knit Scarf on Etsy

Oh scarf weather, how I love thee. This one is a lovely fall green that reminds me of the leaves just before they change. And cable knit really speaks to fall too.

4. Pumpkin Muffins at Smitten Kitchen

During the autumn, I can’t bear to pass up anything that has pumpkin in it. Muffins are a particular favorite in the fall, especially since the weather is a little cooler to allow for the baking myself.

5. Mixed Grass Wreath at Crate & Barrel

I don’t mean to be a holiday grinch but I am not typically a fan of too much holiday specific decorations. Though there are some wonderful holiday decorations out there, many tend toward the cheesey. And I don’t want to live through a holiday season with tons of cheese (mmm cheese). This wreath is the perfect fall season wreath that will work from Halloween until Thanksgiving (and on if you are too lazy to change out for a winter theme.)

5 Things of Interest – The Anthropologie Edition

I have a secret desire to be Lorelai Gilmore. If you ever watched Gilmore Girls you know her fashion is a mix of rock ‘n’ roll and girly girl — if you know me you might see why I want to be here — that and she is gorgeous and tall.

And I am sure Lorelai Gilmore, fictional character that she is, shops at Anthropplogie. I am in love with the store. I am so in love in fact that when I receive a gift card for Anthropologie I end up holding on to it for months as I dream of the many things I could spend it on. The following are the current things that have caught my eye.

1. Sun Garden Loungers

Who doesn’t love cute pajamas? These are so adorable, so much so I might wear them to the grocery without embarrassment.

2. Waving Grains Pumps

These look comfortable and cute. I would need to find something to match the yellow.

3. Magpie Chandelier

I love how this is something that looks fancy until you look closer and realize its made of common items. So fun.

4. Secret Treasure Dress

This dress is so 1940 and a gorgeous green. I would love to wear this on a weekend.

5. Josef Wingback Chair, Pink Shell

This chair combines the very traditional style with a pattern that is so modern. I love the colors are deep and rich and would be a perfect focal point chair.

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The 80's are here. Now how do we get them to leave?

After a hiatus from clothing shopping due to lack of funds, I returned with ideas of some items I wanted to purchase. Instead I was dismayed to discover 80’s fashion had returned with a vengeance.

I was just a kid when the 80’s were in full swing originally with the neon colors and strange cuts. I wore jelly bracelets and shoes. But even then I wasn’t thrilled with the fashion. It wasn’t until the 90’s that I finally felt there was fashion that I could support. And even some of the things I wore in high school are a bit…embarrassing to recount now (flannel and ripped jeans — heck yes!).

I never desired to relive the awful ideas of 80’s fashion…but it seems a lot of people are. Here are some of the examples of 80’s fashion I have found FOR SALE right now in 2010.

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