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Was Love – Captain Ahab

In case you hadn’t already figured it out, I am a huge nerd. If you hadn’t figured that out already, you may not be as sharp as you thought. But I digress. This song is from the SyFy channel show, Caprica.

Electronica has to be amazing for it to catch my attention. I happened to be re-watching an episode of Caprica and this song was part of a scene. I knew it couldn’t just be some television music but an actual song. Thanks to the power of the internet (and let’s face it, Google) I found the song.

The filter used on the vocals is very interesting to me. It makes it seem like the voice is like an instrument instead of organic. It reminds me of an Imogene Heap song Hide and Seek. But since the vocals are male, the voice seems almost more robotic and rich.

The lyrics are also very beautiful which seems unusual in the electronica world. I think usually more of an focus is placed on sound over content.

You carried me on your shoulders,
never let me fall.
You screamed in my face with a passion
that humbled me.
I thought I was singing a song of peace,
but I started a war.
And now as I suffer before your anger,
please try to realize
that all my life,
the only thing I wanted to teach you …
Was Love

Captain Ahab’s Band Camp Site