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President’s Day Song: Stay – Shakespeare’s Sister

I owe a lot of my early music likes to my older sister. I am not sure how she would classify her former musical tastes. Her favorite bands when I was growing up included The Cure, The Dead Milkmen and The Ramones. I didn’t go along with all her tastes in music but I did think I was pretty cutting edge when I would latch on to a song or band she liked. After all, none of my friends had heard of a lot of the music I appropriated from her.

This was one song I latched on to. Thought I was very edgy for liking this song because its dark and not at all Top 40. But it continues to be a song I really enjoy.

This song has one of my favored element of songs, which is starts out in one tempo and changes up mid way. I love the slow sadness of the beginning and changes into a fast evil sound which makes the song not just some mopey goth song but a great early 90’s love song that includes a touch of sci-fi, which makes to a masterpiece for a geek like me.

I love how the slow element and the fast elements combine together to have a the slow chorus over the faster evil sounding tempo.

And you can’t deny those those two ladies have beautiful and amazing voices that are so perfect for the two elements of the song. One light and high, the other dark and low.

Take a listen and be transported back to your early 90’s days.

Video for Stay