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Moondance – Van Morrison

In honor of St. Patrick’s day, I had to find a song by one of my Irish brothers. Yes, I have Irish heritage (pretty much all my ancestors came from places where people don’t tan well).

And as much as I apperciate Celtic music, I prefer this jazz song to that.

I love Van Morrison’s voice. Its so rich and deep while still having a good range. And he obviously has great control over his voice because he is able to change not only the range but volume of his voice while singing. It really shows his mastery.

I think I have spent too much with my husband while he obsesses over jazz drums because I have fallen in love with the jazz drum sound. That kind of sound that sounds like a soft (yet rhythmic) rain. It is so controlled without sounding totally boring.

If a song like this doesn’t make you want to grab someone and dance them across the floor, then you probably don’t have any Irish blood running through your veins. It’s okay, we can’t all be so blessed.

User Video for Moondance